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Our Process

Arguing for a greater emphasis on arts and culture in climate communication, we construct an arts centered framework for an approach to public engagement on climate change. This framework is built around three phases Story Collection, Artistic Responses and Community Outreach.

Phase 1: Story Collection

The project begins with stories connecting climate change to personal narrative through a mobile audio recording studio that travels the Adirondack Park. To date and with the support of our community partners, The Adirondack Council and The Wild Center, we have collected hundreds of climate stories in the park. Follow us on Instagram to find out where to tell us your story.

Two people standing outside and looking into a white and green audio recording booth.
Three children smiling and standing inside of a audio recording booth.
A white audio recording booth with green Adirondack Climate Stories logo on side.

Phase 2: Artistic Responses

We share the recorded stories from our traveling booth with artists and ask them listen respond with a work an original work. Their responses inspire emotions and feelings in us, their audience, feelings that help us heal as individuals and thrive as climate-resilient communities. Some art works travel as part of a gallery exhibition. For details on the exhibition or how to contribute an original work inspired by the stories send us an email!

A map of the Grand Canyon with trash in it.
Dried flowers covered in water on a black background.
A drawing of a rat on a folding book of the Adirondack Mountains.

Phase 3: Community Engagement